Les Miserable B*tch

Being beautiful won’t save you

I get asked out all the time. I get complimented all the time. Maybe I am as beautiful as they say.

I can’t see it. I still want to die for what I believe are valid reasons. Who cares if I’m attractive? It doesn’t make life worth living.

Don’t wish yourself skinny. Don’t wish yourself beautiful. It doesn’t change a thing.

  • Customers: Are these socks/shoes unisex?
  • Me: They go on your feet, not your genitalia.

My idea of a holiday is a coma.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate

The Arctic Monkeys ”Do I wanna Know?” 


And Katy Perry’s ”Dark Horse”


 They both include lines about consent.Something not very common on today’s radio hits / songs in general.

(lyrics courtesy of metrolyrics.com)

I just feel like god keeps picking on me.

I better be going to heaven after this.

Because this shit is fucked.